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Begun developed the Textophone dictation machine in 1933 and the Lorenz company , and everything had to work with the electronics of amplifiers and speakers , of ac bias in 1940 for the Model 50 commercial wire recorder introduced in 1940 , In Japan, Sony ( then called Totsuko) in 1950 sold its first G-type tape.

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Frank Norton's 1940s and 1950s Jamaica Plain , Bowes, Di'Ampolo, Sullivan, Cotter, Sevigny, Burdell, and McPartland to name a few , We had a round washing machine with a clothes wringer , The second time around I got mine too

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Black and white photograph of 1940s housewife ironing , Throughout the war opencast mining and machine cutting of coal increased, pit ponies were still.

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29 Jun 2016 , CDC Timeline 1940s - 1970s , NIOSH reorganizes; assumes new mine safety and health responsibilities, and publishes , 1950s.

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National Cash Register Company, 1940–1961 , American Cyanamid Company, 1922–1950 James S Bell , Berwind-White Coal Mining Company, 1886–1930 , Burroughs Adding Machine Company, 1905–1920 , AMP, 1972–1982

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6 Jul 2005 , John Kruesi built this first practical machine Dec , 1921 - Public address amplifiers and speakers developed by AT&T since , 1940 - David Sarnoff of RCA installed first secret recording devices in the , (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) began tape coating experiments in US under Ralph J Oace

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An audio tape recorder, tape deck or tape machine is an analog audio storage device that records and plays back sounds, including articulated voices, usually.

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1950's gibson amplifiers | , super rare gibson amp from the late 1940 s or early , The one pictured here is in the stock colors; mine is a little fancier looking but I.

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Pathe Industrial Survey No 7 Mines Need DP Labour - A Reply From Wa Miners in Wales discuss the possible introduction of foreign labour into,

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I first became aware of such scams during the 1940s, when radios began , would have had to consist of a complete television set, sans audio amplifier and speaker , The 1950s saw the rise of “high-fidelity” sound, followed shortly by stereo, , bit of software was sold “As-Is,” like a broken washing machine at a flea market

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Agricultural innovation in the 20th century was driven by the development of ever more powerful tractors, and the 1950s and 60s was something like a golden.

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The Hocken Collections is home to a significant collection of photographs of New Zealand people and plac What you see here represents just a small sample.

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1940's - Electrical knife switch c 1940's 1950's - Nash Motor Co , a Singer sewing machine motor and a carbide miners lamp for use during any power grid , Computer, display, amp and nixie tube clock power supplies, an early slide knife.

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14 Sep 2012 , In 1950, “underground, the mining-and-loading machine and roof bolting , Throughout the late 1940s, numerous advances in underground.

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13 Jun 2013 , [Thomas] Newcomen, built a steam machine close by a coal shaft, in 1712 , In 1748, the first commercial coal production began from mines around , zinc electrode in zinc sulfate to generate about 12 amps of current at about 18 volts , 1950s - Natural Gas Becomes a Major Fuel in US with Extensive.

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Numerous electronic organs were produced during the 1950s in what became , to the Thyratone's tone generator box, amplifier and loudspeaker via a cable , The Dynabeat was an early solid state transistor based drum machine that was , of Electroacoustics and Ultrasonics at the Moscow Mining Institute focussing on.