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Film documents Israeli and Arab teens at Ontario camp - The ,

8 May 2015 , Imagine sharing a room with people from a cultural group that you've grown up mistrusting – and even hating This kind of living arrangement.

450 Grooms Wed Under Ten in Gaza - Snopes

ORIGIN As documented in various news accounts, mass weddings of Palestinians organized by Hamas, involving hundreds of couples per event, have been a.

Sixteen-year-old Palestinian live tweets Gaza missile attacks ,

29 Jul 2014 , A teenage Palestinian has given the world a front row seat to the , of Hamas control in the tiny Palestinian enclave followed a warning in a.

Palestinian kills Israeli , 13, sleeping in her bedroom | Daily Mail ,

30 Jun 2016 , The , identified as Hallel Yaffa Ariel, became the youngest Israeli , "Yes, he might have killed a small , but Palestinian kids are being.

Palestinian teen play bigger role in terror attacks on Israelis

25 Nov 2015 , JERUSALEM — Dressed in skirts over their jeans and scarves on their heads, two teenage Palestinian from northern Jerusalem headed to.